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  • GB Question

    Do you have to stay for the whole GB or can you just enter and leave to receive insigs?

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    i see a leech hanging around a guild


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      You must stay in Gb for the amount of time it takes to win/lose tha battle. If you leave then you are missing the chance to get the insigian/honor /whips
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        You do not need to do anything in GB to receive Insignia and Honor (even if you have 0 point in contribution points)

        You can enter GB at last 3 second and still receive reward.

        Only thing is, being active in GB and being in Top 10 grants you 150 extra Insignia and Honor.

        Leaving GB will void you getting any rewards.


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          My question is if you are in a small guild with zero chance of winning is it necessary to remain and be spawn camped until the other team wins more or less...

          No I don't want to join another guild, just wanted to know if I had to deal with that or if I could just enter and leave.


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            you have to stay the whole thing (need to be there before it ends really), however you could speed it up. dont touch towers or attack ward if have 0 pts the whole thing the other team should win pretty fast.


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              Yeah you have to stay if you have problem with that enter and leave your champ there and something else in time untill you lose.