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  • Crypt Key

    What’s crypt key?
    Crypt key is an item that you use to get double rewards in forgotten catacomb or to enter tormented necropolis

    Where do I get crypt key?
    You can get them from your log in rewards (only for starter)
    Guild altar
    Mystery chest in dungeon (if you lucky)
    Balens shop (75 balens for a crypt key)

    When should I use my crypt key?
    1. Forgotten Catacomb
    In cata, you can always use your crypt key to get double rewards (exp, runes, gems, HP pack, crypt tokens, and gear); for gear, it’s just like lucky drop
    So, when should I use my key in cata?
    IMO you better use it when you can beat lvl 100 boss in cata
    Bcuzz when you able to kill lvl 100 boss meaning you can get full rewards from cata. It would be such a waste if you use it b4 you able to beat lvl 100 boss since you WONT get full rewards
    Normal rewards: 1M+ exp, 95 crypt tokens, some lvl 3 gems, and some other rewards
    With key rewards: double on ALL rewards
    2. Tormented Necropolis
    In necro, you use crypt key to open its gate so you can enter it. You unlock necro once you reach lvl 100 boss in cata. You need 3 keys to enter it ONCE
    For necro, I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t give suggestion when you could try it (I mean bout your BR and stats)
    Guess you can reach or even beat lvl 5 necro if you got 50k+ BR, not sure

    It would be nice if R2 gives us free entry to necro once a week, but someone said it would be hard for non-casher to beat lvl 5 necro. You need all of pot and scrolls to boost your stats and warrior’s call too. Warrior’s call costs balens…

    Just sharing a bit bout crypt key to whoever still confused bout when to use it
    Any feedback would be nice ^^
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    Nice guide.

    I agree on the +1 free entry to necro per week.
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      I would love 1x free necro... But judging by how they are it's not going to happend


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        there is one point in your post that is wrong, you don't actually need to beat 100 for necro to open.


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          Originally posted by R2471526 View Post
          there is one point in your post that is wrong, you don't actually need to beat 100 for necro to open.
          thanks for point it out
          I'll edit my post
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            All ok but why do you need to use annoying colors blue/pink...


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              <3 blue
              bout pink...
              well, dunno why I picked it :/
              should pick red instead XD
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                I didn't use balens to get to necro, just saved 3 crypt keys from blessing. You can revive yourself once a day too, I died on level 8, so my toon is still there waiting. Only have to pay once If you leave when you are alive


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                  Ever notice how the Necro screen says "Daily Crypt Token Attempts: 1/1"

                  I so wish....
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