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Time to upgrade Wandering Managogs

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  • Time to upgrade Wandering Managogs

    I find it crazy when you can fight a level 1 managog and get the same amount of Daru as you get from a level 60. Can you at least make the Daru output higher for the monsters of higher levels. How about making them harder to beat but the reward much better. No one wants to fight a level 60 for 5,000 Daru. How about a rare spawn that has 1 mill Daru if you can beat it that would be sweet!!!

    Thank You

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    Sensible suggestion there. +1
    The Last Remnant OSTs Go!!!



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      1M for rare spawn than everyone would be searching for it lol.


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        I got 30x Daru Pearls from a level 30 Bat in the Wild (2 times in one day)

        I believe higher level wild mobs have a higher chance of giving you 20x or 30x Daru Pearls compared to level 1 mobs.