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Server merges; players quitting

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  • Server merges; players quitting

    I expect server merges to be necessary at some point in time, but when?

    I've been through 2 server merge.
    The first time my server merged, I could understand because I see the servers population declining.
    This current server merge which my server just went through, I could not understand. There are many active players, yet we had a merge.

    What's sad about this whole thing is that server merges sometimes made players quit.

    People quit for many reasons. But one common trend I see during server merge is that players who do not rise to the challenge (of being top or challenging for top guild) will take the easy way out and leave.

    Should R2 go easy on the server merges for a while?
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    The Merges are not only for "low population"

    But it is done for their "Server Recycle" plan (so they can reuse old servers as new servers)

    It goes back with my saying "No Equipment Cost, but Bundles of Money [from new players] = Profit for R2Games"

    They needed to merge servers to open up "old servers". (it doesn't not really matter if a server's population isn't low or not, sometimes it does tho)


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      Mb making place for new servers to be opened when merging X number of server.


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        S6 could use a server merge. Our server is kinda dying now and its sad. Hard to find groups for the higher lvl MPs.

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          There's no excuse for server merges when the servers aren't dying! Not all of these servers need the merges


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            merge- ppl quit- new merge come again. not much ppl can play 1game for year.