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Spawn Camping during Guild Battle :(

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    Also, aside from preventing the enemy from moving (which can be done just as easily fencing off the enemy spawn), what purpose is there? You only earn personal points and no points for the guild itself because you are not earning them in the two main methods of acquisition: tower and ward tower damage. Every 10k points of damage to the ward tower is (i believe) +1, and every point earned for the guild is worth 10k damage to the enemy ward tower.
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      Dont be brainless dwmedia, it's a game and we all are there to have fun. Do you prefer that the other guild doesn't show up. Very fun for you to fight against no-one. In our guild, we fight even if we know we will loose against the no,1 team and it make fun for everyone, more for the winners but still there is respect. Otherwise why showing up. Have fun fighting a tower alone. Big deal!


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        Originally posted by MsTeriUs1 View Post
        and force others who do not wish to fight to fight?
        Because it's a Guild BATTLE? It's not a "Guild Lets Stargaze Together And Hold Hands Party". If you don't want to fight, you have no business entering a GB.


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          Battle doesn't mean being a jerk. Wake up!


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            The battle is not at the door but at all the towers. Camping there is really disrespectfull.


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              Me jerk in life... i kick them t'ill they anderstand and act as good people.


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                I'm the one who kick the ****** and help the weak.


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                  these guys must be from hello kitty online.

                  there are risks in entering a battle, namely guildbattle, lets just say that hp packs are your tickets to gain insignia/honor.

                  to tell you honestly, it is also an insult to me if the opposing guild are doing afk in their camps. we get in GB to not to hang around til a winner is declared.

                  what if someone will open a thread saying that "GB is for battle, not AFKing..very insulting to me".. but no, never.. wonder why? because we think broadly.. we are not whiners ^_^


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                    Same problems here [S222] GodsofWar vs Oblivion. Every GB same story. It is really annoying. No one is running form battle and still people have need to do that. Other guilds that are stronger at least have more respect and wait in front of spawn area. I have nothing against that. If it is not an option to forbid actions like this why not make some blocade that prevent people from entering opponents spawn area? (something similar to blocade before WB start)Click image for larger version

Name:	spawn area.jpg
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                      The thing is that some guild just wont show up. I had battle with no-one on the other side and there is not much fun. Yes we win and very easy but not challenge.

                      We have to think about that. Do we like challenge or not. If yes act for it. Otherwise they wont show up.

                      That is the truth. sadly...


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                        Mistake made.
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                          Sorry i was on the begenning of subject.


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                            Those images look more like a bug in the server could that be