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Advice for mage build

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    Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
    One build will focus on Maxing Blessed Light, and then leveling up Rain of Fire..
    BL is good for MPs and what not, but it also excels in Battlegrounds and Arena..You'll find this out more at later levels but healing up Troops in Battlegrounds helps kill knights/archers, and healing in Arena makes it possible for your party to beat stronger opponents who do not heal.

    Other build should focus on Maxing Rain of Fire, Meteor and then leveling up Thunderer. (Should grab Healing Empowerment for the +20% Mdef.)

    Damnation is a useless skill. Do not get it. It is weaker than Rain of Fire.
    well, with a thunderer tree(max; WB build tree).. its impossible to get the healing empowerment.. get my point? lvl59 camp.. get it? and thunderer build os for wb only. that what he is planning. so no need heal empower