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Patch 1.6

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  • Patch 1.6

    now i can be wrong ( i hope i am )...but from what i have read...the new patch will only reward the heavy cashier's...example....class wars...that is a cross server event, meaning..i am a lvl 68 w 49 br ( 5th on s116 for knights ) how am i going to compete w a knight that is lvl 74 w 89k fig in he is number 1 on the game im in..knights have a better chance bc there are fewer of us compared to mages and archers...the rewards are only for the top 100 in each how does the rest of the players get anything...the non cashiers are in for a real bad wake up call..R2 left out the rest of the players...fig half the game is heavy and semi cashiers , the rest is we would lose half the players...we would lose the semi cashiers as well ( like me )....the phrase is " what have you done for me lately "....answer - just made half of the games players quit !

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    except not every fight is going to be vs knight higher than you. the level req. are 50-80 and your ranking is based off wins. whos to say 80% of your matches arent vs lvl 50-55 knights with less br than you? no way to know until your actually try it.


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      if we could be so lucky....


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        please don't hesitate to make conclusions like this, remember this patch has being running in the chinese version for over half a year now. You need to give it a chance, try it.. before start your predictions on how unfair it is. Furthur more, why do you expect to compete with someone who spend a bunch on this game, if fact, when was this game ever letting you to compete with heavy cashier unless you are one yourself. ehh.. Furthur Furthermore, bottom line this is a free event that has some interesting rewards, like bg, you can participate or you can choose not to, if you don't like to get beat up, and take a hit on your ego, simply don't join.


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          i was speaking for others...such as the non cashiers and mages and archers...i should make the top 125 ( i hope )...but in a game where just about everyone is a mage or an archer...going to be real too want those class arena rewards....but if it is done like the solo arena's....ill nvr have a chance, bc if u take the top 100 knights in the game ...i am around i wouldnt be getting those rewards...thats all...ill gv it a chance, i love the game, i spend money, i like trying to beat the best ( and he kicked my team in arena by himself ) i am just wondering what ppls thoughts on this is, or if they have heard anything new....besides i have had my **** kicked by the best in here many times....but not everyone will see it as fun...but i do as long as i hv a chance to win...even a small one


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            Simply, if you're not strong enough, tough luck. Use skill and strategy to win battles. You know you're gonna be up against other knights, so figure out a skill set to compete against them.

            Originally posted by kateng9105 View Post
            please don't hesitate to make conclusions like this,
            This made me Lol, you want people to spam forums with assumptions and make conclusions without hesitating?


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              ok..point taken....just hope what the the current reviews on it from other sites are wrong....i did do a little research, but oh well