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  • erasing friends

    It is true that after i started playing this game i added all the suggested friends and filled up my friend list. well...i'd like to erase some of them and replace them with friends from the real world or with people i get to know from the game. is that possible? i didn't find any option for deleting a friend from the friend list i think it would be a great update for the game.

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    Click on friend in friend list - pop up window with some options is displayed - select delete.


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      did you access the friend list from the farm or somewhere else? i only know how to access it from the farm/tree of ancients and from the farm, there is no window-pop up sorry to bother you with this


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        i did it...sorry to bother with the question

        here are the instructions for anyone who wants to delete a friend:

        Click on the heart in your main bar at the bottom to open the friends panel

        Unfold/open the “friends” list in that panel

        scroll down the list and click on your friend’s name

        this should open up a box with some basic info with some buttons one of which will be the delete button