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...more soles than the grimm reaper...

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  • ...more soles than the grimm reaper...

    we've all seen and participated in some of the discussions in the threads about f2p and p2w. people use terms like "support the developers" as if the $20 or $50 (or $5000) they spend to get ahead or keep up in the game is going towards keeping some skinny nerd alive on his diet of skittles and mountain dew while he codes away in his mother's basement. that couldn't be further from the truth. the fact is that r2games has over 70 employees in china in addition to operations in europe and north america, and this game is designed and marketed, not just for profit, but to get as much money out of us as possible for as long as they can. there's nothing wrong with that; r2games is providing a service for which some of us are willing to pay (and pay big in a few cases). but whether we put real dollars into r2games' pockets or not, by playing their games we became their customers.

    i'm starting this thread because the moderators have been reminding some of us of the rules and regulations of the forum because some people have taken it upon themselves to help provide us, the customers, with something that r2games itself has shown that they are unwilling or unable to provide: timely and accurate information on the product that they have sold us. but don't we, as customers, have rights? and don't they have responsibilities just like any other business?

    is it that serious? not really. at least it shouldn't be. the moderators have themselves admitted that they aren't providing us with information in a timely manner. a few pre-release notes with some screen shots and a disclaimer and we'd all be happily chatting about the goodies coming our way in a few days. but the tone of their response should remind us all exactly what we can continue to expect from r2games. "...slaughtered more soles (sic) than the grimm (sic) reaper..." on its own is just a couple of typos that we've all been joking about for months. it's not a big deal... except that the time and effort it would take to correct this is significantly less than i'm putting forth to start this thread (however long it may be open). a few seconds, and they don't even care enough to fix that? why? there's no money in it. they know how to keep the "whales" spending money in the game and correct spelling and grammar have absolutely nothing to do with it. (in all honesty i'm not sure if that typo still exists or not, i've gotten so used to seeing it that i've blocked it out. if it has been fixed, those of us who have been playing for a while know that it was there for months)

    while i don't want to violate the terms of service of forum use by posting a link to an outside website, i do want you to know what the ceo of r2games thinks about us and the games they market to us. his name is jared psigoda. google "jared psigoda whale" (without quotes) and you'll see what i found out (nothing nefarious or even underhanded, but pretty informative).

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    They fixed that typo

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      Just cause R2 makes a lot of money doesn't mean they're all living the high life, R2 has to pay for servers, employee wages, and I'm sure he pockets his fair share, but as you can clearly see, R2 is constantly on the look out for new games. So there's more than likely large sums going into that to be able to host it/buy it..
      But I doubt R2 invests minimal amounts into it's business and spends the rest on ****.

      I know for a fact R2 has broken laws, so perhaps a lawyer could make a name for himself and put together a case No doubt there'll be thousands of us right behind him providing information and proof.
      But until someone makes a stand, R2 will stay as is.

      Moderators on the other hand, only one I like is Kit and MemoryLane. Only had positive experiences with these 2. Condor was a great mod too. Too bad he quit or got fired or whatever the case. His sarcasm is still more helpful than the current mods.

      As for video, yeah it's been psoted by R2 somewhere also, so it's not exactly like they've hidden it completely from us. Took me a few years to see it though, after seeing that video, myself and others try to spend the bare minimum on the game to keep competitive and gain the neccessary items that come out.
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        Originally posted by PunkPetal View Post
        They fixed that typo
        they fixed part of's "grim reaper" not "grimm reaper" the brothers grimm wrote fairy tales...


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          you miss my point. r2games is a for-profit company so they're supposed to make money. i don't begrudge them that, in fact i'm a firm believer in capitalism. what i don't believe in is companies whose sole purpose is to "fleece" people for their money for little in return. is r2games guilty of that? yes and no. we all get enjoyment out of the platform they have provided and the community that has sprung up as a result. on the other hand, we don't really ask for much. keep the environment in good working order and keep us abreast of what's going on so we can continue in the world that they created for us and that we have adopted. we, the user base, have picked up the slack in many areas that r2games doesn't spend much time or effort on, user guides are one example. if i want to know how something in the game works, where do i go: the guides on the official website or here? we all know the answer because the majority of in depth discussions on here are us trying to figure out how things are supposed to work because they don't tell us.

          i don't have a problem with the mods or r2games, but since they want to call us out on what we're doing, it's only fair that they get called out on what they're not doing.


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            Stuff the official website for guides

            Should check mine out lol. <-- Still a work in progress (Need to learn more about web design and layouts etc to make it look better, but content is incredible ) and written by me for me fellow guildies and some friends in other guilds.
            Just too many times I see someone who could be better if they just changed something.

            But eh, back to your point, if R2 sent some GMs out to communicate and and talk with players, maybe even host some events in-game WITH the GMs participating.. ie" Find me on the map, teleport to me and win x rewards" R2 would gain A LOT of much needed respect from it's player base which would turn into huge revenue.
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              good looking site...just scanned it so far but i've bookmarked it and will be spending some time reading it this week. you're right about seeing people who aren't doing the right thing in their build, but part of that is due to the lack of understanding of things (because they're not explained well). our guild is strongest on our server more because we share knowledge about how to become strong than just recruiting OP players. case in point: we witnessed someone spend about $100 in a 10 minute time span. she increased her br by about 2k, but is still a weak toon overall and could have spent her $$ more wisely (one of the purchases was a lvl5 gem...seriously?).

              i like your idea about gms being active in-game but we both know that's not gonna happen. it's a churn & burn and cash the check game and that's never gonna change in our lifetime. i'm done being the disgruntled gamer for a while, but you'll be hearing from me with comments/suggestions for your site.


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                Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
                Condor was a great mod too. Too bad he quit or got fired or whatever the case. His sarcasm is still more helpful than the current mods.
                I'm flattered.
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