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A question about class wars

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    Originally posted by Mitashki View Post
    I dont understand only one thing... if its cross server and you have all EU servers for example participating than you have a server which could be year old against someone from server which is 2 months old.

    Ofcourse if someone is playing that much longer should win but than i dont see how someone from more fresh server will have any fun participating in this event. Getting a mount is i guess will be mission impossible, the best you can get will be probably some rune exp discs and thats about it. Will make the player gap again ever bigger...

    Balens or no balens this event could have half the rewards but than make it not cross server....
    No cross server would mean the top 3 peoples of your server FOR EACH CLASS would be running around all the time with +100 horse, and ofcourse these same peoples would OMG always be getting the best from the shop

    NOW AGAIN! non-cross-server WOULD GREATLY benefit the TOP of YOUR server. If you're there, HURRY! if not.. d'aww!

    Also, IMO, non-cross server class war wouldn't be fun D: all the time always fighting same peoples, with this you get to fight everyone ;D
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      ^With this you'll just end up fighting the most re.tarded players who spent 20k+$ so it's same if you fight same people who spent slightly less or same people who spent tons


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        I must look How is my archer rank against cross server archers ... XD i hope top 100... : D


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