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No horse in the Battle Grounds

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  • No horse in the Battle Grounds

    Because it's hard enough getting around anyways. The horses just get in the way.

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    ummmmm I hope you are trolling, stoned or a little bit of both


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      they increase your speed by 30% and you say they get in the way, were you drunk when you put up this


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        You must of smoke something really good xD


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          Change to another server and dont lvl higre to lvl 39 and you have get you bg fixit
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            Originally posted by dwmedia View Post
            Change to another server and dont lvl higre to lvl 39 and you have get you bg fixit
            Don't level higher than level 34...

            The new mixed BG levels mean he has to stay right down to avoid getting put in with big boys at level 35...
            Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
            You are just a freakozoid... Monster of Frankenstein meets Jabba the Hutt... Frabba the Huttstein... :P
            Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
            Behind every fat Space Slug is a blood thirsty sociopath urging it on.


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              Must be joking =="
              Hard to move? On what way?

              Well, ok, the only annoying thing are sand rider;s wings. That thing are hard to avoid. But other horse? --
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