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  • Card Draw..

    I'm starting to think that it's nearly if not absolutely impossible to get a lvl 40/50/60/70 piece let alone a full drop from the card draw. Did R2Games/Wartune change it so we absolutely have no choice but to blow Crypt Tokens to get the lvl 40+ sets now?

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    It was always like that... but using card draws to get the molds (the stuffs you get from crypt shop) is possible, i got 3/4 molds for my 50 set from card draws.


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      Er, don't need crypt tokens to get 40+ sets..
      Only rings/jewels..

      By the time you farm the loids/stones, you should have won all the required materials


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        Nah, it's possible to get.
        Got some people getting they're lvl 60 set on Moonevil... well, the funny thing, sometimes they got the one on wrong class ^^
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          i have 2 peaces of the mage set from card draws and i'm a knight also have the mage rings from crypt blitze they need to sort that


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            I've played Wartune since before the legendary sets came out and earned the pieces for the lvl 40 set before I had the crystalloids to craft it. Now since the legendary sets came out I haven't earned a single lvl 40/50 piece nor have I seen anyone in my server get a full drop from the Card Draw. Though I have seen plenty system messages saying players have earned equipment from the Forgotten Catacombs. And as Phate123 mentioned, it's funny when we earn full equipment that is meant for other classes. Making us decide if we want to recycle for refinement crystals, or trash the useless equip for gold.

            I'm in S15 Shrine of Sakaiya and it just seems weird how this is all working out.. One of my characters has nearly half the lvl 4 crystalloids needed to make the lvl 50 set and has yet to get a single lvl 50 piece and as mentioned before, have yet to see anyone in my party get a piece from the card draw.
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              [Rant]Running Claristun when I'm bored I get lvl 20 pieces from the card draw almost 100% of the time. But soon as The Graveyard or The Bloodlands come along, it's like pulling teeth trying to get the lvl 30 pieces from the card draw and we can't even make them legendary.

              The Void/The Badlands are even more rare to get the lvl 40 from the card draw. With myself being level 60 now doing Garden of Death and Tarraton runs it just seems ridiculous collecting all those crystalloids and not even seeing the lvl 50 pieces show up in the card draw.. Got a load of VIP tokens though but that's about it and I'm not even VIP status.[/rant]


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                I got a lv50 piece (cap). Sold it, since i'm going for lv60 pve set.
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