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Balen illegal

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  • Balen illegal

    dear GM pls do some search on my server 40 66 88 85!!! now its too many ppl buying that kind of balens! for us buying from the legal one is VERY UN FAIR!!! PLEASE DO something about it FAST!

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    How do you know they are getting balens in an illegal way? Do you have proof?


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      Originally posted by CreamySaucepan View Post
      How do you know they are getting balens in an illegal way? Do you have proof?
      No proof just whiners whining bc others can afford to spend thousands on this game and they can't. Which is not a problem at all. I can't afford to be a monster in this game either but crying about it doesn't do anything and making false claims doesn't either.


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        Do you know about invisible money? It's all-purpose man! You get to spend all you want, without limits! And I'm not kidding, but you just have to pay it when it's due. Some people got broke because of invisible money you know? However, there are people that don't become broke when they use invisible money since they are able to pay them off. Those are the people who you're calling 'suspicious' my friend.

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          Invisible money? you mean money laundering?


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            One of S40 player was banned for that, he even complained here in forums that he was banned and his guildies who we are seeing in BG confirmed this also and we haven't seen him until now. I dunno if he was still banned. This has been a rumor also in S106.


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              some kid on my server bought an alternate way to get 200k balens for 200$ got banned 3 hours after, they can sorta tell when you get 200k balens and haven't bought anything from them lol