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Level 70 Legendary Stones?

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    Originally posted by R22958483 View Post
    ya lvl 80 as just came out in max a weak ago but....L70LEG gear is Required to synthesis L80 item
    if u are in 50 leg gear...u NEED 60 to get 70 from NM or
    otheriwse ul have to buy 2 leg 70 shard for 350 honor crystal...which is aobut what ul get per month if ur in 50gear....
    or u can buy couple per day in guild shop for 800k each...
    Wow, thanks a lot for the info. I have lv 60 legendary gear, so I guess I should be ok for 70+ MP. Now, I need to work on lv 70 gear if I want lv 80 someday XD.