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what happened to clothing synthesis?

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  • what happened to clothing synthesis?

    Where the hell is the option for clothing conversion? now i cant convert my gear to the appearance of the new clothes i bought thus wasting approx 1200 balens! what the hell is the use of the dressing room when u can't buy the items. Bring back the damn conversion option!
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    You dont need the cloth conversion any more you buy the cloth you like and synthesis to high level you can and from dressing room you put the look you want from the cloths you`ve bought any time you want.Simple and easy and not require gold.


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      i don't understand what you say, could you post a step by step guide on the process?
      The only thing this company will give for free is a huge amount of LAG


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        Step1:You buy Resplendent Robe and Sanguine Robe.Now they`ll be unlocked in the dressing room for you 24/7 so you can switch to either one of them at any time you want.
        Step2:Lets say you synthesis them both and you gain lvl 2 Magnificent robe.So now magnificent robe unlocks also in dressing room and you`ll also have the previous 2 dosnt matter that you syn them to make lvl 2 magnicicent robe they stay cuz you`ve already bought them.I hope you get it now i`ve tryed as easy as posible to explain it the way i see it GL


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          Coothngs you/had after this patch will forever be avilable to use at dressingeoom.
          Clothings equiped doesnt matter a ****.
          But they still give rage
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            ok i get it now thanks guys.


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              Glad to help you