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    Originally posted by Ickabod View Post
    kind sirs;
    it would be a good thing if you would allow for at least 4 tank trials a day. the carbon foot print of that tank just sitting there for 24 hours a day seven days a week burning all of that fuel and expelling all of that Co2 CO1 as well as all the other green house gasses is ruining the environment.the black smoke alone (Proof that fossil fuels are being used) is staining the walls of my city and the guards are complaining of respiratory illness which started the day you delivered the tank to my city. and i must mention the placement of the tank in close proximity to my farm land is having a detrimental effect on my crops as well. I find it most objectionable to only have one 25 minute trial a day for the TONS of environmental killing gasses spewing forth from the exhaust vents of the that mechanical monstrosity is to be defined as a horrible waste of resources and should be addressed with the utmost urgency. I do realize that the tank can be a obstinate vehicle to get started, i recall the technician taking over twelve hours to get it running at the onset. all of the rancorous screaming of the most vilest of language caused me personally to leave my castle and speak with the technician as the princess started to cry at the sound of all of the "BAD WORDS" and more than a few of my horsed bolted out of the stable frightened out of their minds at the noise. If the tank is to stay on all of the time then at least allow us to make good use of the equipment by having at least the four trials a day as previously discussed.
    thank you for your speedy, most kind consideration in this matter and please effect the necessary adjustments accordingly

    yours truly,

    Ickabod Bonecrusher
    Mage Ridge server (S236)
    Assistant Guild Leader of "Defiance"
    Epic comment .


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      Dis is de best solution hope they make it real in game
      IGN : MsKorupsi
      server : 3
      level : 69
      BR : 200k++
      knights fable


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        I agree that they should add more Tank Wars in line with all the other events. The late time makes it hard for a lot of people to play. As they have decided to tie this in with the new Rune system ( a down grade from the old one ) they have to add more.


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          Tanks need to be cross server. alot of servers just dont have enough ppl to get a match.


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            Yes totally agree, I hate having to choose, tank or battle ground. Put tank at an alternative time please!!

            Perfect time would be anytime between 15.00 and 17.00 server time as nothing happens then.


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              I fully agree