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Really!!! Tanks? Runes?

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  • Really!!! Tanks? Runes?

    I loved the game till this morning when I logged on. Really, a tank in medieval settings? Who was on drugs for that decision? Also all the runes that I have bought, or won is now useless unless I want to upgrade the one you gave me? And what happened to my rune slots for battle. I tell you, THEIR GONE!!! whatever bonehead come up with this system has really screwed up the game and I feel ripped off. You have basically said to me and other gamers here " screw the work you have accomplished, now start over doing this". And since the server shutdown in the middle of World Boss what happened to all of our points that we might have received? The farming points, arena battles that did not get accomplished, keep going but hopefully by now you people are getting the picture. I doubt it! There should be some compensation for ALL THE PLAYERS that had to deal with this. This makes no sense.

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    1st, this has been posted all over the place for the last month. If you didn't know this was coming that is your own fault. 2nd your runes aren't going away if you don't want to use them for the one they gave you, wait until you have one you want to level and use your current runes on that. 3rd go look in the hot events tab they DID compensate for the downtime lol.