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Change shape of clothes

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  • Change shape of clothes

    Hi hi!

    Today checking the clothes i remember an option to change only the shape of the clothes (lets say u got a lv3 swimsuit and wanna swap it to another type 100%) but i forgot where it is now (or maybe they put it off?)

    Could anyone help me here? thanks!

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    There is no need for converting anymore. So it was removed, if you have another type of clothing.

    Go to Dress Room (Where converting used to be) and go to the type (Weapon, Helm ect.) now you should see your current fasion piece. And the new one you want, click on the new one. And click on the button that will say Change (or something)

    Now you will have that new type of look, without having to spend coins on converting AND you can do this all the time, free of charge. AND what is in the dress room is supposed to stay there forever
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      thx ^^ didnt know it