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Better Mage Use Astral Enchanced Will Destroyer Or Crit?

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  • Better Mage Use Astral Enchanced Will Destroyer Or Crit?

    My Mage Use Will Destroyer..........
    How about Crtitical?

    BETTER use Enchanced Will Destroyer or use Critical

    Please Very Need Hint..........

  • FireAndIceS8
    EWD for me. I used to be crit - yes, it was fun - but EWD much more reliable and my defences are way better so I am usually the last one left standing

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  • FinalHC
    I am EWD for CW, BG etc. and only crit for WB. Nice having illusion + GA on along with being able to socket HP, Matk, Mdef, Pdef

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  • Caballero1321
    I've been a WD mage for around 8-9 months. 3-4 months ago I turned into crit mage and I must say I enjoy this a lot more than WD build.
    Of course, I lost 2k block (dropped Enshieldment astral), I lost ~1k mdef, nearly ~2k pdef and a few thousands of HP (gems).
    I have 5.8-5.9k crit and lvl. 9 Determination astral.

    What I like of crit build is enormous sylphs' dmg, pretty nice dmg from normal skills and crit heals. Spire and mpds became really enjoyable.
    Also, 3 vs. 3 arena is lovely, when from nearly 0 HP, 1-3 people turn to full HP with one BL crit heal ^^

    I don't do much BGs or 3 vs. 3 arena, because I'm usually at work at those events' times, but when I do, I win most fights with up to 10k higher players and I happened to kill 20-25k players when I was lucky with crits (dmg/heal) or deflection

    I love crit build and I would never come back to WD. Crit makes the game so much more enjoyable.
    Last edited by Caballero1321; 04-17-2014, 07:04 AM.

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  • TheVictorious
    Mages are so strong in EWD but not like good crit mages

    I can give you general rule, if you can have 6K crit points at least go crit otherwise stay with EWD.

    Crit still not clear, how rate calculated, but seemed that related to defense and attack power, increased if you have lower def maybe.

    Anyway I converted my build from EWD to Crit from a few days, I like crit build really, in PvP , MP and WB for sure.

    I can give you Cons and Pros

    EWD build.
    Pros :
    -Fixed strength and power no weak hits you know yoru range power.
    -Better Defense because you don't have to sacrifice some def gems and stats to make higher crit points.

    -Heals are not that astounding its all normal heal depends on your attack.
    -You will lose against crit mage if that mage was lucky with very high crit rate.
    -damage can be effected so badly with another player defense if so high.

    Crit Build:
    -in crit hits, hits become crazy (with less than 40K matk I hit "archer" with AQ like 120K dmg ! and I hit stronger mages than me more than this number).
    -Heals are awesoem if crit, I heal more than my max hp most times.
    -For PvP you mostly will clear troops with aoE, even if you dont do alot of crit in hero itself, you will be able to clear his defense so you can case ur runes, bleed, single target attack while u drink coffee
    -Crit Damage will be still very good even if you face high defense player.

    - Crit is still gamble, even if you have high crit points you maybe get bad luck, with 5.8K crit points I got 0 crit hits rounds in WB many days!
    - Weaker defense, sure you will remove some defense to get some crit points.
    -Could be reduced if another player have Guardian astral, but this is not big issue anyway, because that astral means that player not have another painful astrals to use and still crit is gamble so its reduce a chance not avoid crit at all.

    And last thing I want to say, in my view, only if you level 80, with BR 120+ you can think to go crit its worth to do it.

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  • Fherlayt
    Hey guys, now I see all the top mages go crit instead. They lose block, mdef, pdef etc. Did anyone did a testing on this? What have changed recently to make crit better?

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  • AnggieJunifer
    Thanks For The Tips...

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  • Clin7eas7wood
    Yeah will of destroyer for sure of if you consider going a crit mage get determination as well.

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  • CondorHero
    Critical only in WB.

    All other situations, Will destroyer.

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  • ElusionM
    After having 5k Crit.. and experiencing it personally, I'm leaning a little to Will Destroyer

    Crit rate and damage was fantastic, reliable and helped me win a lot of fights.

    However in return I had to give up a lot of MDef which is now starting to hurt me.
    Will Destroyer gives consistant damage and allows you to use Mdef gems so other mages hurt less.

    So I'd advise stay Will Destroyer, use critical for world boss.
    Using Wil Destroyer also allows you to use another astral ^^ Since Critical requires two astral slots.

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