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game terorist on server 153

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  • game terorist on server 153

    everday gamer valerios number 1 on server 153 attack my touwn if i go move a way from erandel to deathly sands
    valerios go olso to deathly sands and atack me again and if i than go back the nex day to
    erandel valerios go olso the nex day to erandel and attack me again
    en zo it go s everday
    i think that valerios is a game terorist and a stalker
    i hope sombody from r2 games can warn valerios for game terorist
    this waht valerios do have nothing to do whit daily quest attack 1 touwn everday
    its really stalking if you follow a gamer every where in this game
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    He is harrasing you in game, but that's a "legal" way in the game and doesn't violate ToS.
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      If you believe another player has wronged you in any way you can file a ticket at and the gms will look into the issue.
      In anycase the forums are not the place to talk about it. please sent in a ticket.