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    As you said, it's good against archers.

    Build you knight well, stock up def, hp , block & att, get it good, don't rush. And you're gonna be great.
    And always use EWD
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      Originally posted by R213724229 View Post
      You are joking right? What good is that really? Against mages it's useless. Against archers, well archers die against knights. So what good is it? And again, mages can be good tanks.
      why do you think knights beat archers? its because knight have insanely high pdef, they have MORE pdef than both archers and mages but you think knight have no defensive edge? They also have a hell of alot more HP than mages along with 2 defensive skills apollos and aragon. Even looking at some similar br knights/mages the knight with have more mdef than the mage has pdef in most cases.


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        Originally posted by Savaniah View Post
        »»»»» Caracter Guid ««««««

        Wich one to choose??? That is the question... Well lucky you!
        I will help you make your choice quite fast.

        ''Voici'' what they are.

        Archer = AK47 with some lucky luke faster then his shadow.

        Knight = Bubbleman in this they are superman.

        Mage = Firework artist (beautifull but not very effective) with a doctor diploma.

        Now more details. .....OK

        If you want it easy - - - » Archer , it is the best unit because they hit anyone like AK47, twice the time any other caracter if not more.

        You want to be usefull most of the time - - - » Knight, because they can hold longer then anyone. There strengh is bigger, can take more hit and with the bubble are invincible for a short time that can be stretch longer at higher level.

        You wich to see nice effect - - - » Mage have the most beautifull effect but at same level is the weakess. Physical attack hurt real bad the mage but in multi-dungeons other caracter need a mage or 2 to make it, so you are very important to them.
        the ultimate april fools day joke. even more ingenious because it came 2-1/2 months after april fools day!!!


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          The HP gap isn't that wide. Just a hit or 2 more. That's all. And if you truly go for it, any char can have high PDEF. Just refine equipment, level your astrals, get gems and spec for it. Archers attack quick. Mages attack groups. Knights are a bit silly in comparison.


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            ... how did we get to this again? This thread needs a lock, fast.


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              Click image for larger version

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              knight are great! thats my $80 toon!
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                i'm guessing that you've been getting your *** kicked by mages since you created this thread