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next event. if you want bear, be prepared $$$

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  • next event. if you want bear, be prepared $$$

    did the math. max of 66 medals without spending money. translates to max of 52 chests. need 120 chests for bear. good luck and thanks r2. we love you too. i wouldn't expect too much turnout from this one.
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    You can still luck out and get extra silver medals


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      Did I miss something? You guys from S1-3? I don't know of any event.


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        Does capturing 100 astrals mean 100 clicks or without the misfortunes?


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          100 clicks...and do read the news forum, the event is up there already


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            It's the same as all other events...

            I mention it before, all mounts from events need to be Cash Shop obtained.

            Because there's no way to obtain 90~150 (of event item) without going through Cash Shop.

            It's P2W, you gotta start remembering that, anything in this game that adds lots of benefits to your character is always P2W required.


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              I'm done paying for items in this game. At the beginning of the game I really thought I was getting a good deal. After playing for a while and seeing the continual rising cost for items I can't spend anymore. This new mount event is an example. If I was to P2W the mount it would cost around 50 to 60 dollars for a stat increase of 100? I've never played a game that asked for so much cash for items. Players need to spend many thousands to take advantage of stat boosts. Upwards of 10k+ over time. Players who don't spend that kind of cash quickly become very stagnant players and even cashers, at some point realize the cost is too great. I think the devs missed the mark when deciding how much westerners will pay for a game.


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                ......................................... Bump