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    Many players are getting close to 80, which is something very hard to do. It cost many scrolls 100%, cata keys, balens to refresh bounty to get gold ones!! we should recompensate those players! like kessar and dwarf are very close to 80!! i bet they have used alot of balens!!
    I suggest make an Special event for the first 10 in conquer the precious lvl 80 cap! and give them something special to recognize them...
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    I suggest you lower your caps.


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      May I just ask why?

      It's not hard to rush all the way to lv80, or even buy your way there.
      It's harder to actually slow level and build your character so you don't have to compensate it's shortcomings with a CC.

      A player who is nearing lv80, with decent seal and talent levels, decent BR for their level, and who hasn't spent a small fortune is the one who should be rewarded in my opinion.

      And why have you created the exact same post that you created the other day??
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