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  • Suggestion.

    DO SOMETHING WITH YOU R SUPPORT & TICKET system... thats a joke. Thats a joke how r2 game support works, u have to wait days for get an ansewer, when u have an problem that is realy important....well.. lets see...

    Create Date: 06/12/2013 7:31 pm < ticket create date...
    1st ansewer: Thu, Jun 13 2013 6:37am
    then after question from suport my ansewer in 40-50 minutes then...
    2nd ansewer: Fri, Jun 14 2013 9:17am
    my ansewer same in 40 mins~~ after the suport msg...
    3rd ansewer: ? till Christmass ?

    (using ticket time zone)

    Its normal that u have to wait ages while u r ticket is opened and active ?.... realy i wuld understantd that im not rly important if i dont spend even 1$ on this game but i did some... not much like many... but after i had 1st real problem in this game, and i do ticket i feel realy bored tired and sad, cuze waiting for communication with r2 support members is like fight with wind. I played many online games like Leagueof Legends, where after u suport ticket get active (mostly 3-6 hours) then communication going to be very fast with stuff member. But here ? i feel i fight with wind.

    Hope u will never feel what i feel after nearly 4 days with only 2 single ansewers from this game support stuff, and hope mby R2 devs will do smthing with it.


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    Originally posted by Nashgaroth View Post
    u have to wait days for get an ansewer, when u have an problem that is realy important....
    Guess what, you're not the only one that sends in a ticket. You're not the only one that thinks your problem is "really important". Everyone thinks his/her problem is the most important in the entire universe. And they get hundreds if not thousands of "really important" tickets a day.

    You've been waiting only three days and you're already complaining? pfff. Peanuts.


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      Heres something which will explain your problem.

      Nearly a 10 million playerbase with players playing accross 8 DIFFERENT GAMES with over a thousand servers, think about how many people are sending in tickets, these guys are not machines they're humans, I've never had a problem so I've never sent a ticket but if you send a ticket and it contains certain keywords they should send an auto message back with basic information on how you can go about the problem untill the GM reach your ticket.

      Think about it, you're not the only person sending in a ticket. Also some days there a less tickets and some days there are crazy amounts.
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