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Show your support for multi times regarding Tank Battles

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  • Show your support for multi times regarding Tank Battles

    Lifted from another site:

    "A lot of folks who work evenings will be missing out on a lot of these tank battles as they are only being run once per day. I do understand that it is a PVP event, however is there any way that it can be run multiple times daily with a limit of one entry so that everyone may have a chance to participate?

    Could be run similar to current BG system as a cross server event with entry limit cap set per player like spire.

    Please keep complaints reguarding the new patch out of this thread, it is meant for players to show of support in allowing EVERYONE to be able to participate in the Tank Battle Event.

    Thanks for the support."

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    Multiple events would be nice, in particular given how important it is to rune development. Heck I would run through a second time just to get some extra practice in.
    - Mage


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      Another suggestion, since R2 are adamant on keeping it @ 9pm they shuold create two time, but you can only participate in one. Simple.
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        Why not keep it in one thread?

        But yes, more Tank times.