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Abusing dryad

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    Originally posted by GamerGirl6 View Post
    I have yet to be in a bg with anyone from my guild and less than 5 times ever with people from my server. If people are able to exploit the Dryad system in this way then so be it. The point of the game is to kill as many people as much as possible as in any way within the limitations of the game. Fair? No. Devious yet effective? Yes.

    Dryad is also used by many as a way to simply get one to five kills in the entire 25 min time limit of bg. When you are on the low end of the spectrum in a bg Dryad really is a blessing.
    Yet it shouldn't be that way. Dryad isn't there to get kills for you and tons of honor. It is there for one purpose only and that is to protect yourself from bullies constantly attacking you over and over again and not letting you do anything. It isn't for exploiting such things and attacking others who don't even touch you. Point of BG is not for honor. The point is to get higher points than the other team. Honor is just a bonus to get really. Also stop trying to make excuses to make it seem that dryad bombing is a good thing and that it is needed. Lowbies can still get there honor by fighting people who are around there BR. You don't have to rush up ranks either. I don't rush up my ranks and I don't dryad bomb people and never have. Nor have I ever spawned camp people either as I feel that stupid as well. Learn to play battlegrounds and stop abusing **** whether it be your own power or some sort of buff.


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      The problem is "honor" and the fact that nearly all players "need" to get to Lord Divine rank instantly because of the "perceived" merits of the medal for that rank.

      I have had discussions with lv59 players who are planning on staying at that level, gaining Lord Divine then never entering the BG again. They are now complaining because they are coming up against Lv64 players and are losing honor. Why would you want to deprive yourself of one of the best parts of the game just to gain a medal.

      FFS, if your gaining honor, someone has to be losing honor. The fact remains that if your lv59 and trying to get lord Divine, it's gona be VERY hard to achieve without alts/guildies/friends help. Once you start hitting elite crusader and above, those very same dryad bomb exploits, or farming low level tactics, are going to come back and haunt you big style.
      I have been playing 8 month and am only at high commander level, but I am quite happy in the 70+ BG. It's very rare I walk away with a - honor figure against my name, but it's also very rare I walk away with anything above +300.

      The dryad bombers are forcing higher levels to actually attack lower levels more and more. If you lose 160 honor, then you need to attack and kill 3 times to regain that honor, unless your lucky enough to hit someone with a higher rank. Then they have the same problem of regaining that honor loss.

      I love it when someone camps at a lower level, gets lord divine then moves up the BG brackets.
      They wonder why they can't keep that lord divine ranking as they have "earned" it. Ehhh maybe because your BR is total ****, and everyone else who isn't Lord Divine takes huge chunks of honor out of you. Then even when your fully dryad, your only gaining 74 honor for a win, while losing 200+ every loss.
      That's what eventually happens to those players, and I really do love seeing it happen!
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        Originally posted by Athena-Nike View Post
        I'd love for dryad to reduce the honor loss by an equal %. So if I die to a 30% dryad I lose 30% less honor (if I'm crusader +), the killer however still gets full honor from the kill. This would allow for people to still stack drayds to get loads of honor and take on the big boys but not ruin a BG to one death (hate going 33-1 and ending up with -20 honor)
        Thats the best thing ive ever read in forums about dryads XD


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          And BTW in my opinion this was meant intentionally to force players reach VIP in w/c u wont lose even a single amount of honor when u get killed by some dryad collectors. VIP 9 = lots of Balens used = huge ammount of money for them


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            You need the Dryad I think ... since there is such a problem with higher levels camping on spawn point. Sucks to be 8 levels lower and not even able to get out of spawn.


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              I only abuse Dryands when heavy casher calls me weak... so fun to see them end up with -honor


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                I hate bg, plain and simple. I cart and cart and cart and some loser with dryad comes and hits me. Why Pick on me I wasn't hurting anybody
                Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


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                  I only have too suffer for 2 more weeks, then i have lord divine, and can focus on MPs .
                  After those 2 weeks, will be able to sincerely say i will not miss the dryad people, or the people who team up on the one high honor rank player, just so they can get their honor xD.
                  Wartune's Cookie is retired. In game drama and Cashing is outrageous. Enjoy peeps!

                  Server: [S242] Whitecrown- IGN: Cookie - Guild: DevilsGate - Class: Sorcerer - VIP: level 7 - Set: Heroic/Imperial - level: 71 - BR: 2.06 mil - Angel: lvl 80 Eostre


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                    Originally posted by B4nsh33 View Post
                    I hate bg, plain and simple. I cart and cart and cart and some loser with dryad comes and hits me. Why Pick on me I wasn't hurting anybody
                    Running carts for your team give you all point which hurts the other team. Killing cart runners is important to keep your team in the lead and thus get the better rewards