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DP's Stats- showing more information

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  • DP's Stats- showing more information

    Hey, currently I'm trying to calculate all the numbers for how everything is effected by adding X physical attack compared to Y crit chance... but trying to find the formulas is a pain in the butt >.<
    I'm actually having to run single-player multiple times with different crit ratings to get a hold of your actual diminishing returns formula for crit... it isn't fun -.-

    But, I was thinking, most games have a mouse-over tooltip that includes TRUE stat increases. Like, mousing over PATK would display your dmg wave, mousing over CDEF displays how much you reduce crit dmg etc etc.
    The way some of the dragon orgs work are "complicated" and require actual numbers to figure out what is better than _____. Without having true numbers, we cannot calculate what works better than ____. Different players have different styles. Some war's like to crit, some like to tank, some like straight DMG. But without either formulas or true numbers it can't be worked out what is better.

    The only downfall I can see in doing this, because the formulas should be easily displayed in a tool-tip, is that it can create exploitation. Someone found a flaw in your formula and uses it to their advantage, but is that not part of a game like this? If you are willing to put in work like that, then is it really that different from a mage knowing to use MATK not PATK? It allows more serious gamers to get a better pull from the game, which should increase profits for you guys. By allowing people to get more serious about the game, players are more likely to spend additional money to get their stats where they want them.


    P.S. At the very least, could you reply whether or not you plan to implement something along these lines?

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    All I know is that damage range is 90~110% by default and crits are +50% damage

    But I too have no idea how Defense is calculated into this. (the only one with actual fixed value is World Boss where they decrease all damage by 50% no matter what Attack or Crit you have)