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someone on S3 allready got theire First LVL 70 Jewlery Legendary ?

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  • someone on S3 allready got theire First LVL 70 Jewlery Legendary ?

    I was wondering how they did it so fast ??? its no summoner there so how do they get so many stones so fast ?
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    Maby they bought their way into it?


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      Bought on where? --"
      r2 haven;t sold any lvl 70 legendary stone...
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        If someone camp level and do Nightmare runs without hitting the final boss, it might be possible. I don't know why would anyone do it like this though cause you'll lose a lot of exp.
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          they had have patch 1.6 like 2 weeks and you can get max 6 stones whitout beat lasts boss so 14x6=84 and lvl 70 need 200 so there is someting wrong now


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            ^Yeah was thinking the same the amount needed for 1 item is huge and for such a short time without summoner and from anywere to buy them its barely imposible.


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              level 70 mp was earlier than patch 1.6, it was patch 1.5 part 3. it's roughly almost 2 months, also you can get leg stones from mystery chest on NM 70 dungeons.
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                Its not that hard, trust me.
                IDK if should tell but whatever;
                ever since the 70 mp got released, we are really busy doing them with atleast 2 set teams.
                We wanted to do NM mode asap. I think after day2-3 after release of teh MPs, we've been doing NM mode all the time.
                Lynch NM, every day, with 2 teams. First 1 team were doing it and now, after help of of our top archer, a 2nd team has been formed and is doing it now.

                All legit. No money involved to buy the shards. Just putting alot of effort to do NM and leave the EXP aside.
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                  thx prizzly I can not say much more on top what u just said
                  but I am 1 off them who has First LVL 70 Jewlery and working on 2nd
                  yes I lose bit of exp but lot more def and att from it
                  don't work off 6 legs aday some times I get up to 10 but just luck


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                    Yeah it's easy, everyone spend at least 5k on his/her account so we all can run 70 NM, where's the problem.


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                      Didnt know you can get leg stones from mystery chest.


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                        S1 already had 3 players with 1 piece of L70 jewel legendary fully enchanted last week. As the previous posters have said just do Lych NM everyday.
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