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few class wars suggestions

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  • few class wars suggestions

    From what I gathered while reading most wartune forums I can already tell that class wars will make a few huge mistakes.

    First of all it doesnt seem fair at all to have that wagers round. It will be insanely abused if top players will just speak to each other and lose on purpuse so 1 can win and everyone betting on him could win the big prizes too. It will also create a big mess out of class wars, considering every casher or in general ppl that would spend balens for it, will be able to even get more glory crystals than a top 100 does even. That is simply playing stupid, even more if you are still 50-60 and being cross srv there will be no way to even get close to that top 100.

    The best suggestion I see is to remove the wagers round at all, but considering it would mean a very big income loss and all the cashers will go qq all the way cuz nubs, why not make it limitted to like 500-1k balens max. It will mean that players can get a few more crystals, most likely everyone will still use it, the rewards are decent, and it wont be way more than we actually get from fighting other ppl and top rewards. As far as I saw, now the limit is 5000 balens or none at all, with the possibility of even winning 10X that prize for betting on the right guy. 50k crystals+the rewards from fights over a non casher that barely gets 1k-2k probably means a very fail game after a few class wars.

    Another thing is the class wars cross srv matching. I dont know yet because it didnt start, but it should be with lvl brackets, at least untill top 100-200 ppl. Fighting a lvl 80 guy as 40 at first fights in preliminarys wont get you anywhere at all, and there is no way in hell one could win these fights. Dont see the point of making it this way. Few nice fixes would be very simple, make brackets from 5 to 5 lvls,40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 or dont make it cross srv at all, but reduce the top and maybe the rewards to like top 10 only instead of 100 and so on. Everyone will be more happy about it, it wont give a chance just to high end game cashers or cashers in general, and it sure is way more fair to fight with your own servers instead of fighting 1 year older than yours

    The amnesia and chaos runes shouldnt work either in class wars, having a 6 rounds stun for the opponent at lvl 10 is just insane, and anyone who fights such players will just want to kill themselves after the fight. As far as I saw the holy seal isnt supposed to work, and that is pretty awesome

    High 5s, *hopes to get some support for these ideas*

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    Starts June 20th doubt they will do this.


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      well there is still not much info about hows it gonna be, so there is still hope to get it better, but at least lets make it better for 2nd class war


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        my main complain is... I hope Wager isn't going to be Balens only.

        Because this basically means Cashers win already.