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    hey a few suggestions
    1) stop moving things all over the screen that don't need to. for example,
    the chat box jumps from the bottom left to the top left depending on what you're busy doing. This is messy and inconsistent
    when new seeds are available at the farm, suddenly the seeds i used to purchase for gold, are now new seeds for Balens! this is so easy to purchase the wrong seeds (and waste my
    Balens that cost real money)... once i accidentally purchase the wrong seeds and waste my Balens... I sit there going "well there goes the wings i was planning to buy".

    2) I know from experience that if I accidentally purchase balens on one server, that R2Games will not assist in transferring this purchase to the correct too. I suggest that you acknowledge that it is the Account that is purchasing the Balens (EG I am a human behind a keyboard). It is not a toon on a server purchasing Balens. therefore, the Balens should bind to the main account, and the gamer should be able to spend those balens on whatever toon he or she wishes.

    If this is not possible, how about some kind of pop up that actually warns you that the balens are bind-to-server, and that the player needs to ensure they are logged on to the correct toon. I've made this mistake, and there was no warning... only real money spent on a uselss toon which i was planning to retire, for another toon on a server with a more suitable time-zone.

    3) although i think the purchased balen gear is nice, I think it breaks any kind of balancing in PvP. Basically, this is no longer a game of skill. This is a game of "swipe your credit card". I know you need to make money, and I support you in this 100%. I do however think that you are destroying the pvp balance of a game, which is crucial to the success of any PvP-type game (I can give you lots of examples to support this).

    4) in support of point 3 above, if you made a VIP member able to get 'free monthly' Balens or something similar, that allows a monthly subscriber to gain access to this gear, then I would sign up for this in a heartbeat. I do however have a problem with paying $10 a month, and then having to pay $20 mutiple times to get wings, the +5 rage set, mounts, etc etc, just to be competitive. I would be far happier paying $12 a month and getting access to this included.
    PS it would be completely different if this gear was purely cosmetic or 'fun'. but in its current state, this gear is so powerful, that it breaks PvP.

    Anyway, I aim to offer this as contructive. I really enjoy this game and look forward to the polishing that your Dev team will get around to!