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A New World Map (Wartune)

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    even though i completely agree with the idea (except for some minor edits/adjustments) Sky City comes out in 2.0. That is a complete refresh with many new features for the game.
    There are no 1.7-1.999..... The next upgrade/patch after 1.6 is 2.0 So that might not take as long as you think:P ... but yeah it will take time because of the many features in it.


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      new maps is great idea forcing players to level up is not a good idea unless u fix the other problems in the game like Mounts,the V.I.P.Wheel on the landing on higher level gems and for Hp and strength for knights is weak make it stronger as for armor add 2 more stat br boost to gear to it on class more lower players will want to level up in MPs & duns give higher level gems like 4,5 even 6 also make Meds perm keep insignma for Legendary gear


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        I love Necro! Oh, and btw, all of those Maps, will be wiped. Also, this was not a blah blah blah discussion thread.
        The Last Remnant OSTs Go!!!