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cynicism or malice?

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  • cynicism or malice?

    And in BG and arena situations evil party is repeated indefinitely, without anyone notice how stupid is.
    In BG you can meet with players stronger and once you understand it, that will strike you whenever you catch, for such alleged honor that not only defies dictionary definition but rather it is an incitement to hatred and violence without limits.
    In arena party, it's just as bad and evil intent cynicism of those who thought the match-mathing puts you in the awkward situation of meeting a stronger team, you always beat for 30 rounds.
    These doau issues are just some examples of how stupid could have thought this game.

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    Ok, see you I guess?
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      No one's keeping you here I hope! I'd want to see you back here again just to laugh at you though...
      The Last Remnant OSTs Go!!!



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        kicked from my guild because i kill everyone on sight lol. that was my funniest moment of this game.
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