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3v3 Arena Matching System

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  • 3v3 Arena Matching System

    Hi guys, its my 1st poll on this forum..

    First of all, as u know current matching system isn't fair..

    From our experience it just depends on highest lvl guy in the party..

    But I think it should depends on "total" Battle ratings of the party...
    not Levels or another thing.. It's the only way to be fair..
    Totally Agree
    Not Sure but I don't mind
    I'm so strong! I don't Care others?! (Selfish option)
    Disagree, it should depends on our luck like the Whole game

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    oh wow we got some people who picked I;m so strong! I don't care others!? L0L
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    Game:Broken Realm
    IGN: Mary Magdalene
    Class: Mage
    LVL: 44
    BR: 1194
    Full level 40 epic set


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      Originally posted by MaryMagdalene View Post
      oh wow we got some people who picked I;m so strong! I don't care others!? L0L
      yea beasts, who we match a lot of times


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        I've been in some groups that go on good runs, some bad ones too. I think the main thing is to get into groups of similar lvl and high br.
        - Mage


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          So if say a team of level 48s has average of 33-35k br and a team of level 50s (i saw some 55s too) also has the same average br, is it fair that they would match given the 50s have HS, those 48s will be stunned for turns. Now those who answered "I'm so strong! I don't Care others?!" (I think some answered this just for laughs), given that they are really strong, means they have built their toons properly, it is not their problem if you have not built yours properly. Besides, why not find party members of your level range? Why would you party with high level, then complain about being beaten if you faced opponents the same level of your high level member? I guess if you faced with lower level parties and you win because of that high level member, you don't complain.


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            I faced against a level 60 teamed up with 2 level 30s (they were fighting in level 45~50 brackets with that set up)

            Even tho the 30s dies in one hit from any of my team, we barely did any damage to the level 60+ (he wiped us)

            Is this a new way to farm Insig and Cross-server points because you will always win due to higher level equipment?


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              Better than a change or whatever you are asking for, I'd prefer that the matchmaking rules aren't to be guessed.
              99% of what we know on this game are based on players making data sheets and experimenting... why so few informations?
              (crit/block rate ; crit/block effect ; drop rate (all) ; talents proc rate ; ...)
              Armor Games - S2
              Lv 65


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                it was a level 72 and 2 level 30s (I just saw the guys name on Class War Finals)

                So... 72356, 13500, 13500 BR combined makes you go into the 45~50 bracket. (where the level 72 wipes everyone, even if the 2 30s dies, they still get full benefits from winning)

                So much exploit here...