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    there is no way GoD is for 50-55. I only finished once because 2 players over 60 helped me....and yes, they fought the two spawns of the last boss. either they change the stats on the final bass or put the dungeon in another, more realistic level interval.

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    I can finish it when I just reach lvl 50.
    Asking lvl 60 to help? lol. as if. There;s no one reach lvl 55 that time.

    it's a bit long ago.
    But for GoD, I prefer 2 mage, 1 archer, and 1 knight. For archer and knight, they need to had 5k mdef as minimum and more than 25k hp--that will make it barely and more job for mage.
    On mage, I prefer both of them had bless and do the rotating heal on the right time.
    So, you can finish this with only lvl 50 team, just need the right one.

    Before you accused me using balen, no, that time Im haven;t use any balen, same did with my mage partner. Even we still haven;t get any socket from those guild bless and mount? Only the cute white horse.
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      It has become extremely difficult and nearly impossible with the release of the new rune system. Before everyone could use rage runes and heal themselves. With those and other runes taken away GoD has one the hardest final bosses in this game now. I have moved to TL since picking up 55 and it is way easier than GoD.

      Even with some of the best healing mages on our server, GoD has become nearly impossible.


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        Need 1 great healer 1 archer and 2 knights or 2 decent healers 1 archer 1 strong knight. Unless you are super well geared doubt you can run with 4 fresh 50's but its easily done with 52-54's. Heck by 54 we could run it with 2 knights and 2 mages (one heals one damage) and was no problem