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50 PVE vs PVP

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  • 50 PVE vs PVP

    I'm a lvl 52 archer. I know this discussion has probably been brought up b4, but usually I find ppl asking if 50 legendary is better than 50 pvp. While I understand its worth it for the legendary set, is it worth it to switch to pve set b4 I managed to convert any of them to legendary just for the enhanced rage gain and probably the ability to spam AP (which am not sure how good will it be with the crit managed from just pve set).

    Also is it possible to farm the 60 legendary stones with 55 pvp set or its quintessential for me to get a 50 pve set in order to be able to farm it. Furthermore I noticed the ability to get 60 legendary stones from the class wars points and essentially 5k points can easily get 300 60 leg stones which is sufficient for 2 pieces as it is. Hence essentially I want to know with the new class wars system, if its possible for me to go straight to 60 pve set since farming a 50 set would essentially take me around 1.5 - 2 months.

    Thanks for the replies. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have full 50 and it is amazing when you convert. You can still farm 60 leggies but it will require you to have fantastic mage with pve or 2 good ones without. You won't have the ability to solo archer 60 dungeons as its rage heavy. final boss of DT you have to continously debuff him. DT NM is a nightmare. First boss is very challenging. Start building up your guardian angel to decrease his huge crits.


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      Possible, but you have to have a very good team. Go for 50, it is awesome.
      Yes you can get legend stones, but the problem of the 60 is normally the xloids unless you spend loads when they are on sale.


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        Pve allways and 4ever...even without all leg gears i dont have problems with similar br pvp archers...and spam ap when i fight with mages gives me huge adventage
        Without rage runes ... Ppl take other archer for dt nm becouse many have pve sets...Pvp archer 60+ suks,to low rage bulid


        Crit Mage 80v
        ~135k Br



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          It actually use to be easier to skip 50 pve set for 60, but with the new rune system, nobody has rage runes right now. No rage runes means no solo mage/archer for Temple unless the rest of the team is quite powerful.

          As a mage, I skipped 50 and had no issues getting by until I got the 60 set... But I had a ton of keys, as did my brother. We also had rage runes at our disposal when they were needed.. On top of that, no one had 70 missions to run (they didnt exist) so the most powerful people on the server were still running temple.

          With that said, there's an archer in my guild who is just running Den daily holding at 65 so he can get almost as much exp as Temple when he can't get a 2 archer temple, while still building up loids in 55 pvp set. He's a few weeks away, now. So skipping 50 is still doable... Just harder

          PVE gear for mages and archers is extremely, instantly game changing, regardless of the set.


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            For my server, we can farm the legend stones and crystaloids no problems. We all saved our Skeleton keys, but the problem is we don't have enough insignias to make them legend =(

            I'd suggest earning 50 legend set first, then work towards 60 legend.


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              Better not let kattukk see this thread. LOL