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are this hack user ?

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  • are this hack user ?

    server Oceanic 248 ( Ebon Glade )
    server is not running 1 month ,
    full legend +21 set. lv 40 .. stable mount lv 3. mount strenght 800
    engraving soul lv 20. full set lv gem slot 5. astral value 12k + +

    please respon

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    Are you dumb? Clearly a heavy casher.


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      Yeah, that is a heavy casher, Tepen of S209 is like that also. Not surprising for level 7 clothings and wings.
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        Those stones can be gotten in 2 weeks, the rest are cash. Should have gotten level 40 PvE set as well, but I guess this person is the spend first, think later type.
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          no this is not a hacker this person just spent lots of money thats all


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            Wow I think this toon will beat the 40k br level range huh?


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              i see something weird (weird n imposible is diffrent)
              he just level 40, with that lot spend
              with that lot of cash, he must have high enough vip rank
              that means more exp
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                Yeah I believe he has a lot of exp because just yesterday or the other past day, I checked him on their server and he was just 38 and now already 40. Well heavy cashers don't do slow leveling, that is what I observe. With his stats he can already level all he want, just hope I don't meet this in bg, someone with 43k hp is very hard to fight with, on this level range. lol

                PS. Knights have really massive amounts of hp with very good/monster casher build compare to mage (I only have 27k hp at 33k br). And that knight we met in bg with 31k br have 32k hp. So puhlease, no nerf on our AOE damage, that would be too much.
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                  In the future, send your screenshots in a ticket to

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                    We have checked the logs of this character and found nothing abnormal . Please be aware . Thank you.