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  • Talent Calculator

    I would like to have a talent calculator added so that I can plan ahead on which way I should build them.

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    plan for what? if you are reading the tooltip of your talents, you dont need guides for it LOL

    pattern for leveling talents are way too obvious.. 5..15..25..35..45..55 and so on jeeez!


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      what for? =="
      Just take what you sees helpfull and neglect the one that you judge useless for you ._.
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        It's to make it easier to see the "caps"

        And also easier to see how many points would make certain talents be into what.

        IE: -5% at lv1, -6% at lv2, lv2 can't not be taken until Holy Seal is at Lv15, Holy Seal is capped at Lv10 at character level 62, Talent level is capped at 14 at character level 60, etc etc.

        If you're not resourceful, it takes quite a bit of time to figure out at what level what should you have.

        A Talent Calculator speeds that time of planing.

        Plus... there are "typos" in in-game's Talent descriptions.
        Such as some skills says "Last 2 round" it actually only last 1 round (1 round is already consumed when the skill that activates the buff is fired off in same round it activates buff)

        There's a Skill Calculator, so why not a Talent Calc?
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