Talk about Guild and Guild Battle

I play in 3 server at r2games and kabam,
i have conclusion that players will concentrate at 2 or 3 strongest guild.
4-5 other guild which join GB, will be very weak or super weak (0-8 player show up)
That make 1 or 2 guild battle will be very boring, not fun and so fast.
i suggest R2games make some changing in rule and prize in guild or guild battle to make players will spread at 8 strongest guild.

My point about these all is making guild and guild battle more fun for all reduce boring player and become not active anymore.

my suggestion:
1. Max Guild member is 70-80 (consider several not very active player and number of players at a server)

2. max GB participant is 35 (will reduce lag)
This max number of GB participant should be flexible if a server have so many players
so number participant can set beetween 35-45 if necessary.

3. more bonus for participant of GB, maybe addtional 300k Gold
so player who many time can't join GB will move to another guild which he can join GB.

4. To prevent many or all strongest player concentrate in one guild and make them "monopoly" guild (always win never lost)
if total BR of a guild too high, r2games can reduce their prize when win a battle. Reduce their GB participant prize and prize of
winning guild. Monopoly usually never good in many aspect in our life.

5. more number of free contribution at guild blessing, more mushrooms.

6. more info for guild battle, many player don't know advantages join guild battle
You can put some INTRO about guild battle when new player join a guild.

7. more enemy and bonus when guild chamber got attacked by intruder.
My suggestion 6 enemy, and got 20 contribution each of them
i believe guild member will "fight" for this free contribution.

if all 8 guild which join Guild battle have average strength, Guild battle will be very tigh and fun.

i see many guild or Guild master choose to keep his guild and member although they can't join
Guild battle. R2games should make changing to info and attract those guild to move or
merger with 8 strongest guild.

maybe after 2 month never join GB, those guild will disbanded.

My point about these all is making guild and guild battle more fun for all player, to reduce boring player and become not active anymore.

Best regards