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hyyy allll

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  • hyyy allll

    give me baleans plz I really need them please

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    To get balens, visit the r2games store by clicking on the Recharge button ingame or going to

    You can also do the free balens offers, if they are available in your country, by clicking on Free Balens on the banner at the top of the game screen.
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      Here you go :- 1,000,000 balens just for you. Enjoy


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        Originally posted by Billy_McF View Post
        Here you go :- 1,000,000 balens just for you. Enjoy
        :O Unfair, give me 1,000,000 forum balens :P
        Wartune's Cookie is retired. In game drama and Cashing is outrageous. Enjoy peeps!

        Server: [S242] Whitecrown- IGN: Cookie - Guild: DevilsGate - Class: Sorcerer - VIP: level 7 - Set: Heroic/Imperial - level: 71 - BR: 2.06 mil - Angel: lvl 80 Eostre


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          Please Give Me red astral


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            What a pathetic thread.Did you rly think they will give you if you beg ? lol


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              Hay, in some other games, if you beg hard enough, it happens... LOL

              PS: give me Balens too (Free of course, and not from non-working offers), in exchange, i'll give you a digital hug.


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                Originally posted by DeathTh3Kid View Post
                :O Unfair, give me 1,000,000 forum balens :P
                Can't give you 1.000,000 forum balens as that's above my pay grade

                However, if you ask nicely I am sure that MemoryLane will give you 1,000,000 free forum characters to use LOL