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Talent: Persistence

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  • Talent: Persistence

    Does the talent persistence work on the world boss?

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    I see no reason why not. The predicted damage reduction on each of the multi-hits is only 50,000 hp, so it should have no material effect. (Unlike an Enhanced Illusion 10 astral, which merely has an exceedingly low probability of letting you survive.)

    That said, I'd consider Shadow Thrasher as part of a standard world boss rotation only in catacombs armor. Arena armor doesn't have enough rage available to make it worthwhile, even with +23 rage from clothing.


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      Catacombs armor eh? What's that?
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        Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
        Catacombs armor eh? What's that?
        I am guessing he/she means pve set


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          Has a chance to reflect 10% damage with a successful block.

          So if I get hit for 40,000 hp by the world boss, I will do 4000 damage back to it? Additionally, that 4000 damage will count toward my gold and daru reward?


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            I dont think it so, if reflect astral doesnt work why would this work?
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              By the meaning of 'doesn't work', they meant whatever damage reflected by Astral or Skill, won't be counted as your damage. So you won't receive any gold/daru from it.
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                Well Better not to use PERSISTENCE cause its just useless...LOL.. it has SO LOW RETURN DAMAGE....


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                  Originally posted by JayarJaoran View Post
                  Well Better not to use PERSISTENCE cause its just useless...LOL.. it has SO LOW RETURN DAMAGE....
                  That and if you use reverse dmg it cancels out the reverse dmg skill. Idk if it cancels out the deflection astral though.


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                    when my persistence activates on wb last hit, generally does about 27k damage. don't know if it counts for the gold/daru, but it seems like i get about 1k extra of each. of course, that could just be from getting an extra crit hit or two. i'm not ocd enough to stress about exactly how much i hit for every time.