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Regeneration Astrals

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  • Regeneration Astrals

    I am pretty sure this is discussed before (too lazy to search)

    But there is one part that I am unsure of, haven't tested.

    Blessed Health is a Fixed number that I know.

    But Regeneration is based on your damage.

    What I want to know is... how does it calculate for Multi-Shot (if Regeneration procs from this?)
    And Lunatic

    Does it count in both crit damage, such as (4000 + 4000) x 0.3 = 2400 heal, or is it just 1200 from one of the hits?

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    It'll be from one hit.

    So just imagine Blessed Health with Lunatic on 3 targets.. 9 hits.. 10% chance each of those hits could restore 2k hp for example.


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      so each "hits" of skill have a chance to proc the Astral? (and not just from 10% on casting the skill)?

      Hmm, interesting.

      Tho my Lunatic's average crit dmg right now is around 3000, so 3000 x 0.3 would be 900 heal.

      Think Regeneration is only useful on big damage attack and/or higher level Astral (above 5)

      Here I was wonder if it works for multiple damages, because if it does it would have been awesome, lol


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        Regen astRo is waSte of slot. Gives nothing on long turn.
        You are archer,your main astROs should be at 50v patk 2x def crit and determination,in 6 slot put godess bl...
        Dont waSte time for other astROs and astRO exp for vup


        Crit Mage 80v
        ~135k Br



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          I haven't gotten a Goddess Blessing yet ;(

          So right now my choice is...

          Illusion (orange)
          Blessed Health (orange)
          Regeneration (orange)
          or just for the heck of it... Ruthlessness, LOL (purple)

          Currently using Blessed Health Lv 3 most of the times (the proc rate is pretty often)

          So I was checking to see how Regeneration would be (just got the orange today, it's at lv 2)