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fashion shard and fashion cord drop rates nerfed?

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  • fashion shard and fashion cord drop rates nerfed?

    was the rates of getting a fashion shard/fashion cord from a spire box nerfed? before i used to get a shashion shard every day or every other day, but now im lucky to get every 3 days (i get 9 spire boxes a day). Same thing with the fashion
    cords, i used to see it announced that someone got it much more often than now. anyone else has notice this or is it just me?

  • #2
    you got it that often?! o.o
    Wow lucky you...
    today i got my first fashion shard lmfao.


    • #3
      Yeah lucky you.

      I have won 1 full core and about 6 shards since the inception of the spire. I have seen no increase or decrease in the drop rates, but I don't pay any attention to the system announcements anymore, as they even announce when someone goes to the toilet nowadays.


      • #4
        I have been following this and have noticed a small decrease in drop rates that started at about the 1.6 Patch, possibly a bit earlier.

        I have obtained 23 Fashion Shards and 0 Fashion Cores since the introduction of Spire. For a while I used to get 6-7 chests daily, now I get 8.

        A few people I know already got more shards and cores than I do, but since I don't have anything to use it on atm, i don't mind


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          I use to get 1 shard per day from 10boxes i notice drop lower now i get 1 in 5days..from 50boxes.


          • #6
            Yes when the spire first came out I was averaging 1 to 2 per day. Now I get 1 every 4 days or so.