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    I would like to voice my deepest disgust in the Cross Server Arena Event held today on S277-I would like a C.M or maybe even a dev to take a look at the following screen shots and explain how can this happen when we are supposed to be "evenly" matched.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Our Cross Server team that I was with was level 24's. It would have been ok to face this competition once but we faced the first group twice and the last group 3 - 4 times. Please see if there is something gone wrong with the matching part of this event. Runes are only available @ lvl 35 and holy seal @ lvl 50.


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    Thats a bunch of ****, but the game is unfair in every aspect.


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      It just happens at times. And this was only once or twice, not the whole 30 rounds. I been compared to lvl 70s with 60 legendary set. It is at random.
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