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Randomized Clothing Appearance on Synthesis

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  • Randomized Clothing Appearance on Synthesis

    I have no problem with the fact that I am charged for clothing options. If I did, I would not buy them. The same is true with the materials needed to level up the clothing.

    This is the issue I have: Randomized appearances upon upgrading. It was annoying enough when I thought I could get around it by using identical appearing items to ensure the same appearance. Well, I just learned I was wrong. I purchase the items based on the look I desire. Why would I ever want to "take a chance" on getting a rare item that does not fit the look I want? Please, either do away with this horrible aspect of clothing upgrades (just make the rares available for purchase) or give us a way to work around it that does not involve spending more money than the current synthesis costs. I should not be penalized when I am purchasing the upgrade to begin with!

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    ???? if you have obtained a cloth, you can freely switch its appearance on dressing. according to your statement you have synth both same style of cloth and got a different by synth.
    try the dressing room. the style are all there as long as you have once obtained it post-patch of the dressing room


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      Thank you. I didn't realize the dressing room had any effect other than previewing appearances.


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        it will be nice if we can pick witch one to show and witch not like i want to show only my dress other thing to be normal and don't want to lose my rage