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  • Housing

    Have a housing system where players can decorate rooms with paintings, furniture, etc.
    Last edited by Dovkan; 07-01-2013, 10:24 PM.

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    and the benefits gained from this are?


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      It only needs benefits if the housing area and decorations are bought with Balens. Otherwise it is just something that allows players to customize their game style. If other players are allowed to visit, the housing could become like a miniature Guild Chamber. For that matter, it would be nice if the GM and AGM's could customize the appearance of the Guild Chamber too.


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        Originally posted by Dovkan View Post
        Have a housing system where players can decorate rooms with paintings, furniture, etc.
        Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
        and the benefits gained from this are?

        If you have painting, you can use it in battle. "Use painting" will have a 10% chance to mesmerize your opponent. If your opponent is mesmerize, he will either lose 10 turns or attack his party members for 10 turns.
        If you have furniture, you can use it in battle. "Throw furniture" will allow you to have 1% chance of dealing 5000% AOE damage to your opponent and a 5% chance of dealing 99999% damage to your own party.

        Painting: 1000 balens
        Furniture: 9950 Balens.
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          +1 for Painting.


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            Holy over powered decoration!

            I'll take 2 paintings please.

            and that brass matching set of lampstands please...
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              painting, painting
              I take that one.
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                Seriously, I have no need for those damn furnitures, gimme 10 of those paintings and we'll get enough laughs for months.
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                  Housing? LOL what the hell..
                  Screw that!