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1.6 part 2?

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    Originally posted by JohnNguyen View Post
    I like it if there 1 run of mpd per day. Imagine how much time it would take when u do something hard like MD nm (sorry I am not very strong yet )

    But the suck points is. If you use 1 run for DT summoner. And that it for the day. Am i correct?
    You get 3x rewards so my guess you will also get 3x the stones/loids as well. So it be the samething basically. Also I have my doubts about the 1x wb a day. Could be true but I haven't heard anything about that kind of info.


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      well, if MD will be one per day... and reward will be the same, i mean stones... that will be a huge mistake
      people, count, that they cannot do nothing in game... so more or less they leave, atleast no paypal user, and most vips.

      One WB per day? uch? i think, that can be. Many people do only two WB and a lot of who do one per day already.
      In other hand, because there will be less people in every boss, u get more gold from one boss))


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        They would have to adjust silver, gold chests, gold bags, card draws on every dungeon if it's once a day, to drop 3x rewards. It's not just about loids, stones and XP.
        Non-VIPs (including cashers) relies on those to get skeleton/crypt keys, also mystery chest on NM Lych to squeeze in an extra stone. Not to mention buggy servers (or team) that kicks people out of the blue, wasting 1 run means losing whole day.
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          There's a gold chest in Lych? Where?


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            WB one time per day it mean, that the boss will be one time per day, or u can take part one time per day?)


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              WB 1 time per day? Do not beleive it. on every server worldwide will it be english/chinese/french or whatever, patch 1.62 or 1.5 everywhere 3 times as it is now.

              Please stop spreading false info mate.

              lvl80 gear is patch 2.15 which is prolly 1 year far from us , so do not expect it before patch is released.

              AH would be perfect .


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                Originally posted by TiamatRoar View Post
                There's a gold chest in Lych? Where?
                sorry, i mean mystery chest
                Temple of Ibalize