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How to cheating in tank

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  • How to cheating in tank

    If you are Unlock to join a team the a losing the Jump aud of Tank an w8 short time an join a new team you don lose you attemt the whay you got a Good chance to win in tank

    Good luck to all you the whont to cheat in game

    I don inform you the info becors i whon to cheat i inform you becors i see so menny do the an the is a Baad system

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    Sorry this is not a "cheat" you are allowed a certain amount of time to get back after leaving in case of disconnects. Are some taking advantage? Probably but it doesn't guarantee anything so it's definitely not a cheat.
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      By cheat, he means what you mean "taking advantage of something for personal gain" (which is one of cheat's defination)
      (and not cheat as in "hacking")

      Basically allows a person to join into a Tank War where there are only Rank 1 Tanks for easy picking and wins.

      But it's not like it really matters... since those that goes in first usually gets higher points (Rank 2+ Tanks)
      By rejoining, you're losing an amount of points unless you're a really good player.

      Not to mention most good players are in pre-made Teams already, LOL.
      That and you gain same number of EXP, and by rejoining you potentially making the previous team lose.
      (which can be the bad part about this, because it pisses people off)
      (because the one doing rejoins are basically "afk ppls")
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