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Little Wings in Dressing Room

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  • Little Wings in Dressing Room

    I just received a pair of little wings from the consume event (I already have level 2 regular wings) and I would LOVE if we could choose to wear the little wings over the regular ones in the Dressing Room because I love the look of the little wings, but also want to maintain the stats of the regular wings. (When i try to save it with the little wings, it says "Different types of wings cannot be saved") Please make it happen

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    This should be a bug...

    Because other types of wings and clothes are switchable....

    Well, I know cloth, but some ppls told me wings are too.


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      Yes i should like to take littly wings skined moved to my ordinary wings.

      Becouse them littly wings its must of them all is allways cool

      Let us change the skin but keep the stats spicelt now when we own the dress room.
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        I bought the little wings thinking I would be able to wear them as a skin while using my regular wings. I currently wear the Blue Butterfly wings & they honestly look girly as, which is not how I wish to appear.
        On that note can the developers release some masculine looks for the male characters instead of making them look like poonces, seriously what's with the "Fabio-I can not believe its not butter" long blonde hair?
        Some actual armor would be nice also for Knights instead of cloth material looks.


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          well, it is called "Clothing" and not "Armory" lol.

          But yea, that would be a nice addition, armory looks.


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            Hmm.... Will R2game let players change little wings skins to regular wings?
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              little wings

              what had been said about this treat, it happens to me also, like not suitable to change outfit and classify as different type... i dont know why this happens...i got 2 little wings blue and orange thats been given, and i cannot use them for outfit. please r2 team have a check on it, thanx a lot.