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Talents calculator

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  • Talents calculator

    It would be nice if we could have a talents calculator like the skill calculator on home page ( that would allow you to input the talent lvl and then would allow you to play around with the talents points to see the different options.

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    Yes, we would like that also. But bear in mind that even the skill calculator hasn't been updated since last year.
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      seriously, by just reading the skill/talent description.. you will have a bright idea of what it is and what it do. -_- even passive talents have a pattern on when its next lvl is available, and its not that hard to figure out.. really.

      HS 15 - max lvl1 passive
      25 - max lvl 2 passive
      35 - lvl3 max and so on



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        Talking about this does anyone have a table with max talent level per level? I remember seeing it somewhere in patch notes for 1,6 but cant find it anymore


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          Rather than calculator, they can put a description of each level in official guide or something. It's easier than scamming players to reset just to see them.
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            Yes, the main thing that we suggest a Talent Calc is...

            Not just the skill description.

            But more importantly the "Caps" and EXP/ Gold requirements.

            Yes, the info is out there, but it takes quite an effort to find all of them and match them up together to see the complete chart.