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  • Spirit Covenant

    I don't know about anyone else but I'm tired of clicking the check box to quit annoying me for the rest of the day and have it pop up an hour or so later.

    I don't particularly like that pack, its not worth it even if it was at a 90% discount.

    1) The time I spend in the Alter of Ennoblement is my break time from the game. Its only 2 hours by the time I return there is probably another event going on, if its not finished...go back in a sit while I'm away for a meal or during a break.
    2) Bounty quests are stupid easy to fulfill, unless its to kill 30 similar level mobs...and until they invent higher level areas that are more convenient...its still not an issue. Blitz crypts, blitz a solo dungeon...
    3) Warrior's call a really stupid buff that you can use only once every 24 hours for 30 minutes. Its a waste in a dungeon since I can't think of a dungeon you can do 3 runs in 30 minutes besides NM Moon and its still kind of overkill...lets face facts its for the serious players that run necropolis everyday, I don't know many players that spend 3 crypt keys a day for a bit of Xp and not much else...clearing level 10 got me what 1 level 3 gem. I can get twice as many from crypts for 1 key. Even if I managed to clear level 12, and got to 15...the one time buff would be gone by then.
    4) Free blitz...ok maybe for the little player and gold isn't readily available. Even for an alt at level 52 I can manage the 149,000g for level 99 crypts and 10 runs of solo campaign for the day and still manage to put 1.5 mil for contribution and guild skills.
    5) Ok not spending HP from the pot is pretty good...the only thing I might consider...but for 4 dollars a month?

    All I'm asking is to quit pushing such a poor service onto the people and get rid of the spam blocking further bounty quests. Its annoying to look at and having to click the check box to ignore further annoyances of the poor service being sold is more annoying. Even people with boat loads of money to spend on server 4 think its worthless package deal and not worth the investment.

    As a concerned consumer, either quit pushing the sale or revamp what it offers.

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    As far as blocking the endless pop ups i would agree they are annoying ....'try socketing your equipment' etc but as for the offer, sry dont agree i find it usefull except warriors call which they could modify my either increasing the timer or allowing you to pause it when not needed/or in use. As for the rest of it i use it all the time in fact i would be lost without it as i dont get alot of time to play the game


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      Whut are we talking about !?!?!
      Covenant is a small grey parchement in a corner not a soul pays attention to.. is it annoying you?
      Or do you mean the pop up windows, they come up whenever you die... yeah those can get annoying at times... specially socket when I have full 32 sockets-_-

      They are useful, Lord of Time is great for ppl with school/work and don't have time for 2hours of afking. Bounty.. I like it since i am lazy and hate kill quests ... WC is good for spire and NM runs and necro if you do that. Blitz... IMO the most crappy stuff... you get levy to use for this stuff^^. HP pot is good, specially for knights.

      ALSO: YOU CAN BUY EACH OF THEM IN SHOP-> ITEM so you dont have to get them all^^ I only use BH and LoT


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        Its the pop up every time I go to try and get a bounty quest. I click the check mark to not bother me the rest of the day...and it keeps persisting


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          I like Spirit Covenant.

          Time > Money. I'll gladly spend some money so I can have more time for myself.
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            I think they are hoping someone with balens will click through the **** and accidentally buy the whole package


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              Yes, even when you click on "don't remind me today" it WILL pop right back up next time... LOL